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Isoxsuprine HCl – 10 MG
Packing: 3 x 10 Blister

Voxrin 10 tablets contains isoxsuprine in sustain release form. It is a beta adrenergic agonist & vasodilator which causes relaxation of smooth muscle.

  • It widens the blood vessels and increases the blood flow
  • It is an effective tocolytic agent

10-20 mg three to four times daily

The drug produces its action by causing relaxation to the smooth muscle and also have vasodilatory action. This action even improves the blood flow and causes uterine relaxation.


After oral administration it is well absorbed in the body. The peak plasma concentration is achieving in 1 hr.


The drug is mainly metabolized by the hepatic enzymes by partial conjugation.


The drug follows renal excretion. The drug elimination half life is

 1.5 hr.

  • Drug not be administered after postpartum
  • In arterial bleeding
  • Pregnant and lactating patients.
  • Cautiously used along with other medicaments
  • Can cause renal and hepatic impairment
  • Can cause hypothyroidism
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