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Packing: 3 x 10 Blister

Pregridge veg capsules contains Saw Palmetto, Peony, Urtica Diocia, Licorice, Eugenia jambolana and Emblica officinalis.

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Each Veg Capsule contains:
Extract eq. to standardized
Saw Palmetto – 160 mg
Peony – 200 mg
Urtica Dioica – 100 mg
Licorice – 50 mg
Eugenia Jambolana – 50 mg
Emblica Officinalis – 50 mg

  • The product is mainly used for treatment of PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)

1-2 Veg Capsules at bed-time for three months.

Pregridge can be administered with other medications, but a gap of 3-5 hours must be maintained between Pregridge and other drugs.


Peony in combination with licorice causes regularity in menstrual cycle, follicular phase modulator, in hormone regulation


It helps in ovarian function for proper ovulation, improves ovarian function and decreases the testosterone level.

Eugenia jambolana

It  is a anti-inflammatory with antioxidant property which mainly produces its action even against the symptoms associated with it. It also causes hypoglycemic effect by reducing the oxidative stress.

Emblica officinalis

It is also acts as anti-hyperglycemic with anti-oxidant property. It also helps to maintain serum lipid levels.

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