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Each film coated tablet contains:
Inositol – 100 mg, Vitamin C – 75 mg, Elemental magnesium – 25 mg, Nicotinamide – 22.5 mg, Para-aminobenzoic acid – 12.5 mg, Vitamin E – 12.5 mg, L-arginine – 10 mg, Elemental zinc – 10 mg, Carbonyl iron – 10 mg, Vitamin – 5 mg, Vitamin B6 – 5 mg, Vitamin B2 – 2.5 mg, Elemental manganese – 1.5 mg, Folic acid – 1.5 mg, Elemental copper – 750 mcg, Methylcobalamin – 500 mcg, Vitamin A – 375 mcg, Elemental selenium – 100 mcg, Elemental chromium – 50 mcg, Elemental iodine – 50 mcg, Vitamin D3 – 12.5 mcg

Nurtova the product name suggest about its support in Ovulatory function, menstrual cyclicity and quality of eggs & helps in female fertility.

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  • Helps in support ovulatory function
  • Helps in female fertility
  • Increase the quality of egg
  • Menstrual cyclicity

One tablet twice daily.

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