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• CARMENTA aspires to be an unmatched leader in the area of female healthcare, providing medical solutions for every step of life.
• Our aim is to be India’s best 100% integrated female health pharmaceutical company. This implies complete involvement in every step of production.


• Women health care awareness will make our nations healthy. We believe the medical needs of women deserve paramount importance. At Carmenta, we focus all our efforts on transforming women’s lives of all ages for the better.
• We are dedicated towards enhancing women’s health for the betterment of future generation, along with a passion for taking a leadership role as a Pharmaceutical Company.
• Our core expertise lies in manufacturing Pharmaceutical Formulations focusing exclusively on the female health segment with a special emphasis on high volume products.


Our core values define us as a corporation—and as individuals. Through the regular application of these principles, we continue to provide value to our customers, and we will consistently meet our goals.
We demand steadfast adherence to our principles from employees and everyone involved with the functioning of Carmenta. We are responsible to the society as we are driven by high ethical standards in our practices.
We garauntee that every stage of all processes meet the most stringent levels of quality control regardless of the area of operation. We intend to be the acknowledged benchmark of quality in our segment. We are committed to delivering quality healthcare solutions to ensure that patients, consumers and industry professionals receive only Grade A results.
We respect our people. We value them ,our value comes from them. Our ability to excel depends on the integrity, knowledge, imagination, skill and teamwork of our people.
We strive to identify the most critical needs of our consumers and customers, and through continuous innovation we challenge ourselves to meet those needs.
Promise to Care
Our products encircle life, from newborns to aging adults, from nutrition and diagnostics through medical care and pharmaceutical therapy. We promise to care for women and thus, to care for many generations to come. It doesn’t happen in the boardroom, office or in clinic. Not even in the lab. No, the promise of Care for women, Care for future is kept in our heart.

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