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At Solace Biotech Limited, we have a dedicated product line for treating all the gynecology related problems by offering gyne pcd company for gynae products . We have range of products in the categories of capsules, soft gel capsules, injectables, and protein powders for women who are striving to improve their gynecology health with our premium products.

In India every second women is suffering from some of the gynecology problems that often go unnoticed as they are busy with handling their families. But it’s the duty of everyone to battle with these problems, for which you need to count on a Gynae Products Franchise provider who is willing to go an extra mile to make a effort in women’s health with a whole lot of purity. We offer wide range of pharma products with such pharmaceutical ingredients that are rich in quality and work with effectiveness. We thus believe that our gyne products for PCD Franchise has brought about a change in women’s health care system all over the India.



In ancient roman religion it was believed that Carmenta was a goddess of childbirth which was associated with technological innovation as well as the protection of mothers and their children’s, and also a patron of midwives. This lead our division to be named as “Carmenta”

Isn’t it innovative…..??
So, we are……

Our gynae division contains unique formulations focusing exclusively on the female healthcare segment with a special emphasis on qualitative high volume products. Thus, we can proudly say that our “Carmenta Division” provides you a flawless range of gynae products .


When it comes to incorporating a pcd pharma franchise venture the right choice of Pharma company matter a lot. Solace Biotech Limited has been playing a significant role in the healthcare industry for delivering quality medicines from last 21 years.

Our “Carmenta Division” provides you a flawless range of gynae products .. Following are the reason, why we can be the right choice for an association in pharma franchise for gynec products with us :

  1. GMP-WHO verified manufacturing units : We understand the of women’s gealth thus we are following the principles of quality and trustworthy attributes of GMP and WHO units.
  2. Attractive Packaging : Our gynae products are the result of one of our beautiful creations of the pharma segment so as women’s are treated as the beautiful creation in the world by God.
  3. Long terms of business association : We believe in long term business association thus our principles of delivering the right thing at the right time is our priority.
  4. Quality Parameters : When it comes to quality for the gyne products, we never make compromises. And, we ensure that the delivery is for only the best quality products that are made with the richest quality ingredients.
  5. Benefits of Monopoly Rights : When you are associating with us, you do not have to worry about the competition in your area as we are strictly following the principles of monopoly rights.
  6. Promise of on-time delivery : We are a company that values our clients a lot. Thus, we always strive to provide on-time deliveries for our wide range of gynae products.


We believe in delivering the products with massive transparency as we all know how much the women’s health is important.

Hence, all the pharma professionals are welcomed to Solace Biotech Limited with an extensive medicines range of medicines in Gyne pcd company. Thus, you should consider Solace Biotech Limited for a hand in selling and distributing high-quality Gynae Products for Franchise in Pan India.


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