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L-Argenine – 3 gm
Proanthocyanidins 75 mg
Packing: 10x5gm Sachet

L-arginine is a nonessential amino acid that may play an important role in the treatment of heart disease due to its block arterial plaque buildup, blood clots, platelet clumping, and It increases blood circulation to the uterus,ovaries and genitals.

Proanthocyanidin falls under a category of synthetic or semisynthetic or organic chemicals known as polyphenols. It is used in the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency, capillary fragility, sunburn and retinopathy.

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  • Increase placental circulation
  • prevent growth retardation
  • prevent early miscarriage
  • Recommended for couples facing fertility issues
  • Improve sperm motility & quality
  • Provide protection against pre-eclampsia
  • Increasing the chance of achieving a fertilized egg
  • It increases blood circulation to the uterus,ovaries and genitals
  1. For congestive heart failure: doses range from 6-20 grams per day, as three divided doses.
  2. For chest pain associated with coronary artery disease (angina pectoris): 3-6 grams three times per day for up to one month.
  3. For preventing the loss of the effectiveness of nitroglycerin in relieving pain in people with chest pain due to coronary artery disease (angina pectoris): 700 mg four times daily.
  4. For organic erectile dysfunction (ED) 5 grams per day. Taking lower doses might not be effective.
  5. For preventing inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants: 261 mg/kg added to oral feedings daily for the first 28 days of life

L-arginine is converted into a substance called nitric oxide when ingested, and it relaxes and widens the blood vessels. This action improves blood flow and circulation through-out the body.

L-Arginine is converted into nitric oxide (NO). The biochemical improves blood flow by vasodilatation. L-Arginine stimulation secretion of insulin, growth hormones and other vital biochemical for proper body functions. Proanthocyanidins exerts anti-bacterial and anti-viral actions.

  • Nursing mothers should consult a physician before using
  • should not be used in children unless prescribed by a pediatrician
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Allergies or asthma
  • Recent heart attack
  • Low blood pressure
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