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Women’s health matters. Women have unique health care needs or issues that require special focus. Since women’s body go through certain structural changes at different stages of life they should keep in mind that their health is the most important thing. Healthy women raise healthy children. So women health care should be a top priority in the family, in the city and in the country.

We, CARMENTA, take opportunity to introduce our self as a pharmaceutical company focused on female healthcare. This division contains unique formulations focusing exclusively on the female health segment with a special emphasis on high volume products.

The Carmenta Story

The company was named after the Roman goddess Carmenta. In ancient roman religion and myth, Carmenta was a goddess of childbirth, associated with technological innovation as well as the protection of mothers and children, and a patron of midwives.

In ancient Rome, pregnant women used to offer goddess Carmenta rice for a safe delivery, while those wishing to have children ate raspberries to internalize her fertility. Goddess Carmenta is seen as patrons of motherhood, for which reason she is much honoured by mothers. The resourceful aspect of name “Carmenta” motivate us to focus ourselves on protecting and nurturing life.

We are devoted to keep fair sex communities vibrant and healthy, ensuring that our world would become a better place to live and work in for women of all age groups.

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