Welcome to our division Carmenta where we try to listen and understand your requirements for Gynae Products. The term Gynaecology means “the science of women”. The medicines which are used to deal with treating, curing and other medical purposes of the female reproductive parts are gynae medicines. The dealings of pregnant women needs are known as obstetric medicines. These are sometimes called as maternal medicines also. The demand for Gynaecology pharmaceutical products is very high in our country these days which are resulting in positive rate of birth. As compare to the past, now days mostly people are getting awareness of female health and the medications related to it.

When it comes to our contribution in the Gynaecology pharmaceutical products segment, Carmenta is doing brilliant job by providing high quality pharma gynae products which includes a wide range of tablets, capsules, injectables, Vitamins & Antibiotics, softgels and syrups etc. We use best quality API’s to manufacture these products so as to give better care to women. The tagline of Carmenta is “Care for Women, Care for Future” and for this we are always committed to provide Quality Pharma gynae products only at an affordable prices and never do any compromise with the quality parameters of our Products. The company has the best state of art manufacturing facilities. We manfacture these products in certified production units only. We have an innovative mindset and always try to do things in a different way to extract the maximum benefits from it. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified company witnessing considerable growth over the years with the help of skilled experts team who have very good experience of the market and helped us guide our way through the jouney to provide you safe, reliable, pure and qualitative gynaecology pharmaceutical products in India.

The company was named after the Roman goddess Carmenta. In ancient roman religion and myth, Carmenta was a goddess of childbirth, associated with technological innovation as well as the protection of mothers and children, and a patron of midwives.

Women health care awareness will make our nations healthy. We believe the medical needs of women deserve paramount importance. At Carmenta, we focus all our efforts on transforming women’s lives of all ages for the better.

Our developing and innovating approach helps us offering a wide range of products to help our customers and clients to achieve their ambitions. We offer a range of products, to ensure women empowerment to live healthier lives.

If you are interested in operating pharma business or you have any questions or any query, Please fill the query form or call on the number +91-93559-55555. We are always delighted to answer your queries.


We offer a range of products, to ensure women empowerment to live healthier lives.